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RAUCH inc. has offered both public and private clients qualified construction management and project administration services for over 30 years. With emphasis on owner representation, RAUCH inc. provides its clients professional expertise in contracts, scheduling, and on-site inspection to assure that the owners' interests are properly protected. As the owners' representative, RAUCH inc. deals directly with professional project consultants and general contractors working on specific projects.

Duties and Responsibilities

Bidding Services

RAUCH inc. will work with the design engineer to prepare complete bidding documents. Contract and specifications will conform to the owners project needs. RAUCH inc. reviews all bids and makes recommendations for award.

On Site Inspection​

RAUCH inc. has a fully qualified construction inspection team that can provide full-time or part-time on-site project inspection. Project inspectors have expertise in road and utility construction, site development, sediment and erosion control, and commercial site development.

Funding and Payment

RAUCH inc. will review all applications for payment from contractors and consultants. Construction quantities, completion of work, and conformance to project specifications will be confirmed. Recommendations for payment will be made to the owner in accordance with contract documents.

Construction Claims and Dispute Representation

RAUCH inc. will provide professional representation and review for change orders, contractor claims, and project disputes. RAUCH inc. professional staff provides expert witness services in legal disputes.

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