RAUCH inc. is a Maryland-based golf operations and design consulting firm with extensive expertise in the business of golf course planning, development, management, design and construction, and with which we have completed many engagements of this type. The majority of the operational analysis and all of the course designs are performed by professional golf consultants. We conduct a detailed course operational analysis, existing course analysis, competitive environment analysis, as well as provide future course recommendations and cost estimates. Robert D. Rauch has owned and operated his own golf course, club house and food services, as well as being an experienced design and business professional. His industry knowledge, combined with his ability to access current industry information, will significantly enhance the capability of our team to perform a thorough, operationally feasible study.

Robert Rauch has owned, designed, constructed, and operated his own 18 hole champion golf course, clubhouse, restaurant and catering company. As Owner and General Manager, Mr. Rauch developed operations programs to meet the demands of the market served by his facility. His expertise was essential in assuring that the facilities were properly designed and operated to meet the target markets. As a General Manager, Mr. Rauch was responsible for personnel, purchasing, and all operational decisions. His expertise and hands on experience as an owner has made him a valuable member of the development team of numerous golf course development projects. In addition to his management experience, Mr. Rauch also brings to the development team, his expertise as a successful golf course architect, specialist in irrigation and drainage design and licensed professional civil engineer, and experienced construction manager. Robert Rauch golf course expertise is utilized by developers, lenders, and private and public existing facility owners. His services generally begin in the facility planning stage to determine site feasibility, market demands, and project scope. As a project manager he is responsible for overseeing and completing site design, permitting and approvals, project scheduling, budgeting and financial support, and construction. Upon the completion of the project construction his services are further required for supporting purchasing, personnel, marketing, and facilities management. Lending institutions utilize Mr. Rauch's expertise to oversee the construction and development of projects funded by the institution to assure successful construction and completion of the project.

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