Need a Survey?

RAUCH inc. is licensed to perform surveying services in MD, DE & VA

When should you hire a Surveyor

• Prior to purchasing or selling a home or property to confirm quantity of land
• Prior to constructing a fence, dwelling, shed or any other improvement on your property
• To verify or confirm the amount of land that you are being taxed on
• When there is a boundary dispute between you and your neighbor
• To verify the amount of land you have for appraisal purposes

Our Services

• Improvement Locations/ Mortgage Surveys • Legal Descriptions
• ALTA/ACSM • Land Title Surveys
• Boundary Surveys • Topographic Surveys
• Construction Stakeout • ​Utility locations
• Subdivisions and Condominiums • As-Built Surveys
• Transmission Line Surveys • Route Surveys
• Control Surveys • GPS Surveys
• Right-of-Way Surveys​ • FEMA Flood Insurance Surveys

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